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Dates Venue Event Title Overview
16.01-19.01 Moscow “Crocus Expo” MOSSHOES 2018 International Specialized Exhibition of Footwear, Bags and Accessories
23.01-26.01 Moscow «Expocenter» INTERPLASTICA 2108 21st International Specialized Exhibition of Plastics and Rubber
23.01-26.01 Moscow «Expocenter» UPAKOVKA 2018 Processing&Packaging 26th International Specialized Exhibition of Packaging Technologies. Processing, packaging, printing
30.01 -01.02 Moscow “Crocus Expo” CSTB — 2018 20th International Exhibition and Forum Information Technologies and Communications.
Dates Venue Event Title Overview
05.02-09.02 Moscow «Expocenter» PRODEXPO 2018 25th international exhibition of food, beverages and raw materials for their production
06.02-9.02 Moscow “Crocus Expo” AQUATERM MOSCOW The international exhibition of household and industrial equipment for heating, water supply, engineering and sanitary systems, ventilation, air conditioning.
09.02-12.02 Novosibirsk International Exhibition Center «Novosibirsk Expo Centre» SibBuild. Decor and Engineering Systems  International Building and Interior Exhibition
10.02-14.02 Kazan Sport Palace Chic and Charm  International Trade Fair for Clothing and Footwear, Fashion, Design, Jewelry and Ornaments, Exclusive Interior Items, Products for Beauty and Health.
11.02-13.02 Kaliningrad Exhibition Centre «Baltik Expo» Energy Resources. Industrial Equipment. International Specialized Exhibition
18.02-21.02 Saint Petersburg Sports and Show Complex Fashion Sale — International Exhibition of Beauty Industry Unique designer products; Fashion clothes, footwear, headdresses; Accessories, scarves, shawls, wraps; Jewelry, bijouterie; Leather goods; Underwear, swimwear; Perfumery and cosmetic goods; Products for health and beauty
24.02-26.02 «Novosibirsk Expo Centre» Aqua-Therm Novosibirsk International Specialized Exhibition
27.02-02.03 Moscow «Expocenter» INTERLAKOKRASKA 22nd International Specialized Exhibition The whole range of paint and varnish products
27.02-02.03 Moscow «Expocenter» THE WORLD OF CLIMATE-2018 14th International Specialized Exhibition of Climate Technology
27.02-01.03 Moscow «Expocenter» COMPOSITE-EXPO-2018 11th International Exhibition of Composite Materials, Technologies for Production of Composites, Equipment, Products from Composite Materials
27.02-02.03 Moscow “Crocus Expo” DAIRY &MEAT INDUSTRY 16th International exhibition of equipment and technologies for livestock farming, dairy and meat production
Dates Venue Event Title Overview
01.03-03.03 Ekaterinburg Exhibition Center «Yekaterinburg-Expo» HoReCa. Cleaning. Bakery Expo Ural — 2018 Exhibition Catering and Hospitality Industry Catering facilities; Food and beverage; Catering; Hotels; Industrial cleaning; Expendable materials for cleaning; Production technology and equipment; Ingredients; Chilled foods and deep frozen products; Fast-food manufacture; The manufacture of ice cream
01.03 — 03.03 Moscow, IEC «Crocus Expo» HouseHold Expo — 2018 International Specialized Exhibition of Household Goods, Tableware, Products for Home Tableware; Kitchen; Home textiles; Household goods; Household chemistry; Appliances; Lighting
01.03-03.03 Moscow «Crocus Expo» Kids Russia — 2018 International Specialized Exhibition of Children’s Goods Goods for pregnant women and nursing mothers; Goods and toys for babies and toddlers; Clothes and shoes for children; Children’s furniture and equipment for playgrounds; Christmas and New Year’s toys, all for holidays, gifts; Creativity and design, back to school items; Soft toys, dolls; Electronic and multimedia games, mechanical and interactive toys; Books, educational games, board games; Hobbies and models; Goods for recreation, sports goods; Wooden toys
01.03 — 03.03 Moscow «Crocus Expo» Outdoor Dacha — 2018 International Specialized Exhibition Garden and camping furniture, beach beds, deck chairs, umbrellas, swings; Grills, barbeques, braziers, smoking and firing (coal, briquettes); Dinner sets for country houses, containers, disposable tableware, napkins; Accessories for banya and sauna; Garden figures, summer houses, arches, tents; Products for landscape and interior design, gardening items, ornamental fences and barriers; Kids playgrounds, floating mattresses, swimming pools, trampolines, slides; Garden lighting; Power tools, gardening equipment and tools, greenhouses, covering materials, watering systems, bio toilets; Goods for tourizm and recreation
01.03-03.03 Moscow
«Crocus Expo»
Podarki. Christmas Box — International Specialized Exhibition New Year products: artificial fir trees, artificial fir-needle products, toys, tinsel, garlands, gifts, illumination and pyrotechnics, festive decor, everything for a fancy ball; Artistic, exclusive gifts; Silver, ceramic, porcelain souvenirs; Corporate giftware; Festive ornamentals; Gift wrapping
01.03-04.03 Krasnodar Exhibition complex «Expograd Yug» Securika Krasnodar — 2018 (Krasnodar) 7th Exhibition «Security. Safety. Fire Safety» Intruder alarms; Security constructions; Access control systems (ACS); Identification of people, objects; Card production, personalisation and engineering; Information technology; Data collection and processing equipment; ATMs; Fire alarms; Automatic fire extinguishing systems; Fire safety; Fire-fighting vehicles; Anti-terrorism and screening equipment; X-ray equipment; Counter measures against industrial espionage; Protection of the processing; Compiling and distribution of the information; Integrated systems; Design and development of the security systems; Communications and public hazard warning systems; Personal safety & security; Security transport; Civil protection; Counterfeit detection equipment; Industrial safety; Insurance companies, legal services, consultation and training courses; Publications, media; Professional, trade associations and groups, industrial training
01.03-03.03 Moscow «Crocus Expo» Stylish Home. Objects & Tableware — 2018 (Moscow) International Specialized Exhibition of Premium Home Goods Premium tableware and dining decor; Interior; Kitchen; Lighting; Premium textile; Exclusive furniture and interior items; Floral design; Pictures, photos and accessories; Exclusive finishing materials for interior; Carpets; Ethnic and exotic interior items;
Antiques and replicas of antiques, gifts
01.03-04.03 Krasnodar Exhibition complex «Expograd Yug» YugBuild — 2018 International Architectural and Building Exhibition Building materials and equipment; Engineering systems; Automated control systems; Construction machinery; Finishing materials; Interior; Metal in construction; Doors and accessories; Architecture
01.03-04.03 Ufa Exhibition complex «VDNKh-EXPO» Educational Forum. Education. Science. Career — 2018 (Ufa) Specialized Exhibition The only expoforum in the Republic of Bashkortostan, covering a wide range of the latest technological and technical solutions in various fields of modern education
01.03-03.03 Yakutsk Sports palace «50 years of Victory» Building Industry of the North. Power Engineering. Housing and Public Utilities — 2018 Interregional Specialized Exhibition Construction and finishing materials, woodworking, construction machinery, tools, special clothes, new building technologies; Power supply; Heat supply; Gas supply; Energy efficient technologies and materials;
Equipment for housing and utilities
02.03-04.03 Orenburg Sports and Concert Complex «Orenburzhie» Agro — 2018 (Orenburg) 16th Specialized Exhibition Agricultural machinery, equipment and implements; Advanced technologies of agricultural production; Equipment for processing, pre-packing and storage of agricultural products; Food and processing industry equipment; Crop production; Plant-protecting agents; Fertilizers; Crop production, harvesting and storage technologies; Livestock farming; Bee-farming; Veterinary medicine; Veterinary and livestock equipment and tools; Animal drugs; Animal feeding stuff, concentrates and premixes, advanced technologies of animal care; Village and garden cottages, implements; Raw materials for food and beverage production; Food products, ingredients; Information technologies in agriculture
02.03-05.03 Yaroslavl
Exhibition center on the Great October
Spring — 2018 (Yaroslavl)
Universal Exhibition-Fair
Outdoor clothes; Headwears; Sewn products, jersey; Children goods; Household appliances; Health products; Foodstuffs; Honey, beekeeping products; Household goods; Cosmetics, perfumery; Souvenirs and gifts; Agricultural range
02.03-04.03 Kazan Exhibition Centre «Kazanskaya Yarmarka» Hands Women — 2018 International Exhibition and Forum Painting and jewellery made of silver; Leather using semi-precious stones; Porcelain; Embroidered women’s hats and stylized accessories; Painted pottery ceramics; Dolls and watch; Women’s clothing; Applied arts, represented the multinational people of Russia
02.03-06.03 Kazan Exhibition Centre «Kazanskaya Yarmarka» Fishman. Hunter — 2018 10th Specialized Exhibition Fishing equipment; Equipment for underwater hunting and diving; Footwear and clothes for hunters and fishers; Specialized transport for fishing and hunting; Fishing-hunting bases and clubs; Equipment and gear for hunting, fishing and tourism; Optics, devices, equipment; Taxidermy; Souvenirs for hunters and fishers
02.03-04.03 Rostov-on-Don Sports Palace (Sports Complex «Sport-Don») ELECTRO — 2018. Electrical and Power Engineering 19th Annual Specialized Exhibition Electric motors; Transformers; Power sources; Power engineering and energy-saving technologies, alternative energy; High-voltage and low-voltage equipment;
Wiring accessories;
Communication equipment; Conversion equipment; Electrical installation equipment and tools; Electric insulating materials; Electric heating; Metrology; New technologies in electrical and power engineering; Lighting; Cables and wires; Electronics and instrument-making; Thermal engineering
03.03-05.03 Moscow Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA Expo — 2016 18th International Exhibition Park rides; Bouncy castles and inflatable gaming equipment; Water rides, fountains, equipment for water parks, swimming pools and beaches; Entertainment equipment; Interactive games, simulators, laser tags, paintball; Children’s playgrounds and sports grounds; Arcades, prize rides, shooting gallery; Electro cars, velomobiles, park transport and means of transport; Rinks and artificial ice covers; Toys and souvenir products; Equipment for bowling and billiard; Climbing walls, ropes course, sport entertainments; Cartings and race tracks; Lighting, laser and acoustic equipment; Park and garden furniture and hardscape elements; Landscape design; Parks, water parks and family vacation centers; Organizing of holidays, shows and entertaining events; Animatronics and thematic appearance of entertaining zones; Vending machines, slot machines; Systems of business automation, control-passing equipment; Components and expendables for entertainment centers; Parks, water parks and entertainment centers design; F&B, catering arrangement
03.03-05.03 Volgograd Sports Pаlace Ah, the Wedding! — 2016
3rd Exhibition of Accessories, Services, Clothing and Equipment for Special Ocasions
New collections of wedding and evening dresses, suits; Beauty salons; Wedding menus and ways of holiday table setting; Wedding floristics, accessories; All complex of event-agency services; Services of wedding photographers and video operators; Wineglasses for newlyweds, champagne jewelers, ring pillows and other handwork accessories; Travel agencies
Jewelry, handwork gifts
03.03-06.03 Khabarovsk Track and Field Athletics Manege of the Stadium naimed after V.I.Lenin DalPischeProm — 2016 Specialized Exhibition-Fair of Food, Industrial and Commercial Equipment Food industry; Equipment. Package; Restaurant business; Spring gift — shopping season; Far East family
03.03-06.03 Volgograd Exhibition Complex EXPOCENTRE Summer Cottage. Flower and Vegetable Garden. Farmstead — 2016 All-Russian Specialized Exhibition Summer Cottage; Flower and Vegetable Garden: planting materials, seedlings, seeds plant protection products, fertilizers, plant food hothouses, hotbeds, covering material watering and irrigation systems mini agricultural machines for gardens and farmsteads garden tools and equipment domestic and garden insect and rodent control means; Farmstead: country house improvements garden furniture saunas, baths, showers mini swimming pools greenhouses, interior gardens fences, hedges, doors and gates garden and park lighting articles for country holiday; Landscape design: landscape design and planting greenery hardscape and garden sculpture ornamental ponds, fountains, waterfalls, alpine gardens
03.03-06.03 Volgograd Exhibition Complex EXPOCENTRE Fashion Product — 2016 All-Russian Specialized Exhibition Clothes and shoes; Leather and fur goods; Headwear, fancy goods, accessories; Goods for children; Textiles, fabrics and accessories; Souvenir products, false jewelry; Perfumery and cosmetics; Dishes, cut-glass ware, cutlery; Honey and beekeeping products; Consumer goods
03.03-08.03.2016 Tyumen Exhibition Hall Hands of Gold — 2016 Universal Exhibition-Fair of Arts and Crafts and Fine Arts Crafts; Artwork
04.03-08.03.2016 Votkinsk Exhibition Centre «UDMURTIA» All-Russian Fair in Votkinsk — 2016 All-Russian Fair of Products of Russian Regional Enterprises Foods; Clothing, shoes; Goods for home; Goods for children; Cosmetics, perfumes; Souvenirs; Bijouterie; Wellness products; Local services
04.03-06.03.2016 Yalta Hotel «Yalta-Intourist» RestoHotelMarket — 2016 Specialized Exhibition of Hotel and Restaurant Business Equipment for food industry, catering facilities; refrigerators, coffee equipment; Brands of food and drinks; Laundry equipment, SPA-, shopping equipment; Furniture and decor for HoReCa segment (carpets, window decoration, flowers, souvenirs); Landscape design; Swimming pools, saunas, sanitary ware; Attractions, playgrounds; Vending (vending machines, snack vending machines, payment terminals, payment systems); Tents, pavilions, tent coverings; Textiles, clothing, terrycloth items; Household chemicals, dry-cleaning, cleaning equipment; Household appliances, professional equipment; Cutlery, bar accessories, kitchen; Suppliers of products; Special vehicles (buses, minibuses, cars and trucks); Water technique, underwater; Automation, security, telecommunications; Related products and services for the resort industry
04.03-08.03.2016 Makhachkala National Library. R. Gamzatova Exclusive-Jeweler — 2016 Specialized Jewelry Exhibition Jewelry; Precious metal wares;  Interior items of superb artistry; Equipment for jewelry manufacturing; Cases and packages for jewelry and accessories; Handicraft products
09.03-11.03 Yaroslavl Exhibition center on the Great October Merry Maslenitsa Festival — 2016 Universal Exhibition-Fair Headware; Children`s goods; Food; Souvenirs, gifts; Cosmetics, perfumery; Outdoor clothes; Sewn products, jersey; Household appliances; Honey, beekeeping products; Household goods
10.03-13.03 Tolyatti Universal Sports Complex «Olimp» Spring Salon — 2016 Universal Exhibition of Consumer Goods Clothes, footwear, head wear; Knitwear, leather accessories; Cosmetic products, perfumes; ;Jewelry, bijouterie; Juvenile products; Household products; Home textiles
10.03-12.03 Krasnoyarsk International Exhibition and Business Center «Siberia» YeniseyMedica. Siberian Optics Fair — 2016 24th Medical Forum Medical devices, equipment and diagnostics; Laboratory medicine; Primary medical care; Expendable materials, hygiene and care means, medical clothes; Medical furniture and complex suppliers for clinics; Mother and child health; Innovative medical technologies; Advanced medical technologies in medicine; Medical institutions, research institutes, educational institutions; Medical services, specialized publications
10.03-13.03 Saint-Petersburg Sports and Show Complex FASHION INDUSTRY — 2016 47th International Exhibition of Textile and Light Industry Garments and knitwear; Textiles; Linen; Hats; Leather and fur; Shoes and leather goods; Accessories; Equipment
10.03-12.03 Ekaterinburg Culture and Health Sports Complex «Russia» Education from A to Z. Career — 2016 18th Specialized Exhibition Educational institutions; Support of the educational process; Career; Job fair
10.03-12.03 Volgograd Exhibition Complex EXPOCENTRE Building Engineering. SpetsAutoTransport — 2016 All-Russian Specialized Exhibition Construction and road building machinery; Municipal vehicles; Material handling equipment; Lifting equipment; Road service; Commercial vehicles; GPS-monitoring and fleet management; Surveying equipment; Transport logistics and freight; Rental and leasing of machinery and equipment
10.03-12.03 Volgograd Exhibition Complex EXPOCENTRE StroyEXPO — 2016 All-Russian Specialized Exhibition Construction; Systems and engineering networks; Sports facilities and equipment; Road-building machinery; Special-purpose motor vehicles
10.03-12.03 Kaliningrad Exhibition Centre «Baltik Expo» Facade — 2016 International Construction Exhibition New technologies in building and repair; Architecture; Modern equipment, building and finishing materials; Design sphere; Building technics and tools; Metalware; Engineering networks and systems; Accomplishment; Housing and communal services; Road building; Ecology; Recycling; Designing and software in building; Insurance; Consulting
10.03-12.03 Volgograd Exhibition Complex EXPOCENTRE Electro — 2016. Energy Saving All-Russian Specialized Exhibition Electro; Energy saving;  Energy; Telecommunications. Designing. Construction; Utilities: heat and electric power lines, equipment for heating units, for transmission networks and supergrids
energy management, energy audit
14.03-17.03 Moscow Central Exhibition Complex «Expocentre» Modern Bakery Moscow — 2016 International Specialized Exhibition for Bakery and Confectionery Market Full range of ingredients and equipment for the manufacture of bakery and confectionery products; Ingredients and raw materials; Food technology and equipment; Packing; Marketings
15.03-17.03 Saint-Petersburg EXPOFORUM Automechanika St. Petersburg – 2016 Russia’s Leading Regional Trade Fair for the Automotive Industry targeting Trade Visitors from North West Russia and the Baltic States Parts and Components; Electronics and Systems; Accessories and Customizing; Repair and Maintenance; Management and Digital Solutions; Car Wash, Care and Reconditioning
15.03-18.03 Ufa Exhibition complex «VDNKh-EXPO» Agroindustrial Forum: Agrocomplex — 2016 26th International Specialized Exhibition Agricultural machinery; Equipment for mill and elevator units, vegetable stores; Livestock and poultry farming; Equipment for milk processing; Veterinary medicine, animal science; Plant growing; Standardization and metrology; Beekeeping; Banking services for agriculture; Insurance services; Designing and construction of agricultural facilities; Overalls and professional protection; Livestock breeding; Autonomous power engineering; Protected ground; Bioenergy; Liquid biofuel; Special project of 500 farms; Special project «Cattle-breeding equipment and technologies for farmers and individual farms»
15.03-17.03 Ekaterinburg Center of Culture «Ural» Housing and Public Utilities-Promexpo — 2016 Universal Exhibition Reconstruction, repair and maintenance of residential buildings Life support systems of residential buildings Network engineering Water supply and sanitation District heating Sanitation of cities and settlements Landscaping; Municipal vehicles; Natural complexes and greenery; Ensuring environmental safety and protection; Energy and resource saving in housing and communal services; Information technologies in housing and communal services. Communications; Investment programs for housing and communal services; Insurance of entity of housing and communal services, machinery and equipment; Leasing of machinery and equipment; Training. Special literature; Audit in city economy; Housing associations of different legal forms
15.03-17.03 Saint-Petersburg EXPOFORUM St. Petersburg Technical Fair — 2016 Technical Fair Federal level event, representing the whole technological chain of production. This is the only project in Russia, which is analogous to the famous Hanover fair The «St. Petersburg Technical Fair» will be accompanied exhibitions: Mechanical engineering; Metal working Metallurgy. Foundry; Compressors. Pumps. Valves. Actuators; High technology. Innovations. Investment (Hi-Tech); Nonmetallic industrial materials; Services for industrial enterprises; Fasteners. Hardware. Tools
15.03-17.03 Moscow IEC «Crocus Expo» Skrepka Expo — 2016 23rd International Specialized Exhibition of Stationery and Office Goods Paper and paper products; Writing utensils; Stationery for children; School supplies; Desktop accessories; Workplace organization, document storage and archiving; Souvenirs and representative products, business accessories; Goods for hobby and creative work; Holiday decorations; Stamping equipment; Office equipment; Supplies for office equipment; Equipment for presentations, demonstrations and training; Office furniture; Computer accessories; Office accessories; Corporate services; Information and analytical publications about the market of stationery and office products
15.03-18.03 Chelyabinsk Palace of Sports «Yunost» UralStroyExpo. Efficient Use of Energy and Resources — 2016 9th Interregional Specialized Exhibition Building materials. Design; Decorating materials. Design. Interior; Engineering support; Ensuring of safety in construction
15.03-17.03 Moscow IEC «Crocus Expo» ExpoElectronica — 2016 Exhibition has been confered the rank of Russian Exhibition and Trade Fairs Union Exhibition has been confered the rank of UFI
International Exhibition of Electronic Components, Modules and Systems
Semiconductors; PCBs; Sensors and control devices; Micro- and nanosystems; Passive components; Displays; Electromechanics and connector technology; Embedded systems; Hybrid technologies; Power suppliers; Assemblies and subsystems; EMS; Wireless components and modules; Automation systems; Microelectromechanic systems; Testing and measurement; Chip design; Software and services; Specialised exposition ‘LED components, materials, technologies, equipment, ready solutions’
15.03-17.03 Moscow IEC «Crocus Expo» ElectronTechExpo — 2016 14th International Exhibition of Power Electronics Components and Systems Semiconductor manufacturing; Microsystem technology; Materials processing; Components manufacturing; Technologies in cable processing; Manufacturing technologies for PCBs ad other circuit carriers; Components mount technology; Soldering technology; Product finishing; Test and measurement
15.03-17.03 Kazan Exhibition Centre «Kazanskaya Yarmarka» Energy. Resource Saving – 2016 International Specialized Exhibition Power engineering equipment and technologies; Hydro, heat and electrical power engineering; Industrial and domestic power engineering; Target programs for energy-saving; Resource-saving and energy efficient technologies and equipment; Ecologically clean technologies and equipment (technologies reducing human impact on climate, the systems of metering and monitoring man-made emissions, drains and greenhouse gases); Energy security: the system of atomic power supply to the vital facilities, methods and means of remedying technological emergencies at the production and transport facilities of the fuel and energy complex; Electrical equipment and devices of the gas supply systems; Boilers, burners, boiler and auxiliary equipment Devices and systems of metering and regulating consumption of power resources, water, gas Electrical and thermal power transmitting means, control over regimes of electrical and heat supply systems Alternative power engineering
15.03-17.03 Ekaterinburg International Exhibition Center «Yekaterinburg-Expo» Energy Saving. Heating. Ventilation. Water Supply — 2016 20th Specialized Exhibition Small-scale power plants, mini CPH, alternative energy sources; Uninterrupted energy supply systems; Energy-efficient technologies and equipment for energy distribution and use; The use of secondary energy sources at enterprises; Electrotechnical and electrical equipment, electric drives, converter equipment, light sources and lightning devices; Cable heating systems; Devices for metering quality parameters and indices of electric power and other utilities; Devices and systems metering energy consumption in the housing and public utilities; Heat supply for residential, public and industrial buildings; Equipment of heat supply stations and networks; Boiler-room equipment and management systems; Block-modular and roof boiler-rooms; Heating and hot-water boilers, burners; Means and methods of scale prevention in the heat engineering equipment; Heat supply automation; Radial infrared heating; Heating devices, fan heaters, air curtains; Heat supply stations, heat exchangers; Ventilation systems and equipment; Conditioners; Water heating equipment and systems; Pipes, pipe fittings, stop and control valves; Pump equipment and pump units; Water treatment equipment; Automatic machinery and devices; Heat and water meters; Materials, machinery and equipment for construction and maintenance of utility networks; Water purification, water discharge and sewage technologies and equipment; Sanitary engineering; Water-proof and heat-insulating materials
16.03-17.03 Volgograd
Sports Palace
Agroindustrial ComplexInterregional Exhibition with International Participation Agricultural equipment; Crop growing; Animal and poultry breeding; Measuring and weighing equipment; Agrochemistry; Technologies and technical aids for postharvest handling and storage crops; Packaging equipment; Mill and elevator complexes equipment; GPS navigation, electronic maps of fields; Agricultural management (logistics, personnel training, soft ware); Innovative projects in groindustrial complex; Credit, leasing, insurance; Specialized publications and web-sites
16.03-18.03 Belgorod
Exhibition Complex «Belexpocentre»
20th Interregional Specialized Exhibition
Architectural projects; New technologies, equipment and materials for industrial, civil, road and house construction including cottage construction; Energy conservation in construction; Road-building and hoist machinery; Construction equipment, tools; Building and finishing materials; Casting, woodworking and stone working; Landscape design; Hardscapes; Territory beautification features;  Special clothing; Services of building contractors, designers, banks, insurance firms, real-estate agencies; Specialized literature
16.03-18.03 Penza
House of Culture «40 years of October Revolution»
Spring Fair
Interregional Universal Exhibition-Fair
Wide range of consumer goods; Clothes; Footwear, leather haberdashery; Headdresses; Goods for home:
interior items, textile, household appliances
Decorations and souvenirs; Perfumery and cosmetics; Fashion accessories; Goods for rest and sports; Goods for children:
clothes, footwear, toys, developing games
Folk and art handicraft products; Foodstuffs
16.03-20.03 Moscow
Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy
Summer Cottage. Garden. Landscape. Small Mechanization — 2016 Exhibition has been confered the rank of Russian Exhibition and Trade Fairs Union Exhibition has been confered the rank of UFI
Specialized Exhibition-Fair
Wooden houses, bath-houses; Services for construction of country houses and structures; Works and services for landscape design developing, engineering and construction; Decorative and facing stone (natural and artificial); Path pavage; Pools, fountains; Fences, safety guards, gratings; Garden interior illumination (illumination of garden, basin, fountain); Natural landscape stone; Grounds, composts, fertilizers for plants; Materials and components for flower gardens, greenhouses, alpine gardens; Flowers, lawn grass, and decorative flowers for outdoor beautification; Garden ponds, waterfalls, equipment and plants for it’s arrangement; Ceramic and plastic products; Mini-machines, electric tools; Hand tools and equipment for care and maintenance of gardens; Watering systems; Workwear and shoes for work in garden and parks; Hardscape and garden architecture; Forged furniture, forged products; Park and garden furniture; Children’s playgrounds, play equipment; Sports grounds, equipment for sports grounds; Resting area, it’s arrangement, equipment for barbecue
16.03-18.03 Murmansk
Exhibition Complex
Sea. Resources. Technologies — 2016
17th International Fishery Exhibition
Scientific research and technology; Production and processing of fish and seafood; Aquaculture, its material-technical base, feed; Ports, logistics, transport company; Shipbuilding and ship repair; Technological and marine equipment; Fishing gears and equipment for their production; Refrigerating and freezing equipment; Packaging; Protective and rescue equipment; Security and protection means; Training of skilled industry personnel; Financial, consulting and other services for industry
16.03-18.03 Volgograd
Exhibition Complex EXPOCENTRE
Education — 2016 Specialized Exhibition Higher professional education; Secondary vocational education; Education in secondary schools; Additional and postgraduate education; Education abroad
16.03-20.03 Nizhny Novgorod
Exhibition Complex «Nizhegorodskaya Yarmarka»
Hunting. Fishing. Tourism. Recreation
14th All-Russian Exhibition with International Participation
Fishing equipment; Fishing and hunting equipment and gear; Trophies. Taxidermy;Fishing-hunting base, system of state protection; Special vehicles; Devices and means of navigation; Means of protection and self-defense; Sanatoriums, rest homes, hotels, resorts, pensions; Camping, sports goods, equipment, inventory, accessories; Sports clubs, fitness clubs, equestrian school; Children’s activities; Water parks, swimming pools; Travel Agency; Fishing and hunting tourism
16.03-18.03 Penza
House of Culture «40 years of October Revolution»
ProdMarket — 2016 18th Interregional Specialized Exhibition-Fair The whole range of foodstuffs, food ingredients, spices; Alcohol, low-alcohol, non-alcohol drinks; Equipment and raw materials for food and processing industry; Equipment for shops, restaurants, and bars; Containers, packing, labels, printing; Security, clothing, health trade and processing industry; Equipment for automation of the trading process; Warehouse equipment
16.03-20.03 Tyumen
Exhibition Hall
PRODEXPO. Food Items. Equipment for Processing, Packaging
Fair of Agricultural Products
Food technology, food and processing equipment, spare parts, components; Industry-wide equipment for the food industry; Ingredients, raw materials for production; Food; Agricultural products and products for farmers and private farms; Fair of agricultural products
16.03-18.03 Ulan-Ude
Business Center «Vostochnye Vorota»
Building — 2016 Interregional Specialized Exhibition New building technologies and materials; Industrial and civil construction; Energy saving, heat insulation, systems of housing and public utilities; Concrete items, brick, metalware and profile; Modern finishing materials and technologies; Front and roofing materials, outdoor finishing; Electrical equipment, lighting devices, insulating materials; Windows, doors, gates, gratings, fences, glass, metalware; Timber and joinery, floors, parquet, floor materials; Varnishes and paints, glues, fillers, adhesives, tile products, wallpaper; Interiors design, stairs, columns, arches, stoves and fireplaces; Architectural projects, landscape projecting, small architectural forms; Technical examination of buildings and structures; Woodworking equipment and technologies; Woodworking machines, hand tools and auxiliary equipment, products of woodworking; Harvesting machinery, equipment for sawmilling and wood processing, drying equipment, forest products; Building materials, technologies, wooden architecture
16.03-18.03 Belgorod
Exhibition Complex «Belexpocentre»
Energy Saving and Electrical Engineering. Housing and Public Utilities — 2016
13th Interregional Specialized Exhibition
Production, transmission and distribution of electricity; Metering and control devices of energy resources; Means of transmission and distribution of energy
alternative energy; Software in power engineering; Boiler equipment, burners
dispatching of heat supply facilities; Heat transfer equipment; Autonomous systems of heat and electricity; Gas supply systems, gas equipment; Ventilation systems, air-conditioning;  Pumps, compressors, hydraulic equipment
insulation materials; Pipeline systems of heat and water; Repair and maintenance of housing stock; Treatment systems of water supply and wastewater; Collection, processing of household and industrial wastes; Electrical products:
high-voltage and low-voltage equipment and apparatus; converters, transformers, transformer substations; equipment for power lines; electric equipment for production and transfer of energy; electrical equipment and tools; instrumentation and automation; lighting equipment, outdoor lighting; cable and wire products; power electronics, automation systems; electrical insulating materials; electric welding equipment; electric motors, generators, drives; electrical safety, overalls, means of individual protection; innovations and developments in energetics and electrical engineering
16.03-18.03 Yaroslavl
Exhibition center on the Great October
Yaroslavl Building Forum
12th International Specialized Exhibition
Construction materials, products and structures; Construction industry; Construction equipment, tooling, equipment, tools, fasteners; Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, thermal management; Plumbing equipment; Engineering systems and equipment; Non-traditional renewable energy supply systems; Training and retraining of construction personnel; Thermal imaging equipment; Scientific information support for construction works; Organization of quality control in construction; Construction services; Design of new and renovated buildings; Design of residential complexes; Real estate and investments in housing construction; Industrial and civil construction; Insurance services
17.03-20.03 Saint-Petersburg
Sports and Show Complex
ExpoHoReCa — 2016
14th International Specialized Exhibition of Hospitality Industry
Facilities, equipment; Technology; Familiar and unfamiliar foods and drinks of the regions; Optimization of business processes; Franchising; Training programs; Travel agencies; Recruiting; Professional clothes and textile; Professional cleaning equipment, facilities, materials; System automation, protection, control; Video surveillance
17.03-18.03 Novy Urengoy
Business Center «YAMAL»
Gas. Oil. New Technologies — for Far North — 2016 Interregional Exhibition of Oil and gas Equipment Prospecting, exploring, mining; Geological, mining equipment; Special equipment and materials for the North; Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields; Major pipelines, construction and maintenance; Modern methods of resource and mineral wealth saving mineral wealth; Environmental protection and ecological safety
18.03-19.03 Moscow
Business Centre «Amber Plaza»
DomExpo — 2016
34th International Real Estate Exhibition and Education Abroad
Foreign real estate:
investments in real estate abroad: Spain, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, France, Germany, Montenegro, Slovenia, USA, Thailand and other countries;
apartments abroad, villas on the coast and ski resorts, exclusive properties around the world; observation tours for real estate
18.03-20.03 Yalta
Hotel «Yalta-Intourist»
Red Thread — 2016 Exhibition of Suppliers of Goods of Light and Textile Industry Suit, dress, casual wear, outerwear; Leather, fur; Shoes; Jerseys; Underwear, clothes, home, sleep; Clothing, footwear and textiles for children; Home textiles; Haberdashery; Accessories; Makeup; Pharmacy; Perfumery; Bijouterie
19.03-22.03 Moscow
IEC «Crocus Expo»
Intourmarket — 2016 International Travel Fair Travelling and recreation; Beach vacation; Educational tourism; Adventure tourism; Sports tourism; Educational tourism; Children’s tourism; River and sea cruises; Business tourism and MICE; Pilgrimage tourism; Therapeutic and medical tourism; SPA and wellness; Sanatoriums, pensions, medical and health institutions; Transport services (airlines and rail companies; sea, river transport); Hotel and restaurant services
Insurance in tourism; IT companies working in the field of tourism; Museums, national parks, national theme parks; Institutions specializing in tourism and hospitality; Industry media and information publications (maps, brochures and guidebooks); Overseas real estate; Job fair
19.03-20.03 Saint-Petersburg
Sports Palace «Yubileyny»
Building a House — 2016
Exhibition-Fair of Construction and Real Estate
Construction of houses, ready house «turnkey»; Architectural design, ready-made projects; Free consultations; Engineering systems: heating, ventilation, water supply, sewerage; Natural building materials; Lumber; Dry construction mixtures; Ceramics; Artificial stone; Brick; Windows, doors, accessories; Foundations, basements; Wall materials; Paving slab; Facing materials; Enclose constructions; Fire protection system; Insurance; Landscape design; Specialized mass-media
22.03-25.03 Arkhangelsk
Trade Union Sports Palace
Spring Fair — 2016
Fair of Public Goods and Services
Foodstuff, beverages; Clothes; Shoes; Home goods; Goods for children; Souvenirs; Perfumery; Cosmetics; False jewelry; Books
22.03-25.03 Irkutsk International Exhibition Complex «SibExpoCentre» Industry of Beauty — 2016 Specialized Exhibition of Goods and Services for Beauty and Health Beauty equipment, tools and accessories, professional products and tools; Services of beauty salons, beauty and fitness centers; Nail services, hairdressing services; Decorative and professional cosmetic line; Tanning salons and tanning products; Optics, jewelry, bijouterie and accessories; Perfumes, aromatherapy; Staff training
22.03-24.03 Ekaterinburg International Trade Centre Shop. Hotel. Restaurant. Cleaning — 2016
13th Specialized Exhibition and Forum of Equipment and Services for Catering, Hotels and Shops
Trade and technological equipment, inventory to equip service enterprises; Automated management systems for service enterprises; Textiles, uniforms to equip service enterprises; Food and drinks for HoReCa; Interior design and furniture to equip service enterprises; Flooring, stone cladding interior of hotels, restaurants, shops; Textiles, uniforms to equip service enterprises; Cleaning services, cleaning equipment; Consulting services for discovery and business development; Vending machines for services; Education, staffing, training
Souvenirs; Decorative design, flowers
22.03-24.03 Volgograd
Exhibition Complex EXPOCENTRE
Lower Volga Dental Forum. «Dental-Expo. Volgograd» — 2016
15th All-Russian Specialized Exhibition
Dental equipment, installations and furniture for laboratories; Composite, wadding, orthodontic materials; Scalers, sand-blasting and X-ray apparatus; Amalgams, adhesive systems, caries-detectors; Instruments for dental surgery; Solutions for disinfection, hygienic products; Anesthetics, systems for dental bleaching; Alginates, fixing cements; Stomatological instruments, drillers; Apparatus for physiotherapy, lasers; Autoclaves and sterilizers; Stomatological medicines and preparations
22.03-25.03 Ufa
Exhibition complex «VDNKh-EXPO»
Forum «Healthy Lifestyle» — 2016
Medical Forum
Medical forum includes specialized exhibitions:
«Care and rehabilitation».
«Balneology: treatment and rest».
«Health of the mother and child».
«Secrets of longevity: health and beauty».
23.03-26.03 Moscow
Central Exhibition Complex «Expocentre»
Intermed — 2016
7th International Exhibition of Medical Treatment Abroad
7th International Exhibition of Medical Treatment Abroad «Intermed» is the main event in the field of health services.
Leading medical and health institutions from different countries will present their services for the treatment and rehabilitation of Russian clients.
23.03-25.03 Moscow
Central Exhibition Complex «Expocentre»
VendExpo — 2016
10th International Specialized Exhibition of VendingTechnologies, Equipment and Automated Service. The Main Vending Exhibition in Russia
Vending machines for food and beverages; Vending machines for non-food products; Professional apparatuses for HoReCa sector; Informational stalls, content booths; Entertaining machines and juke-boxes, Internet stalls; Internet banking, payment terminals; Photo stalls
Reverse vending machines; Automated booking offices; Food, ingredients and goods for automated trade; Expendable utensil for vending machines; Equipment for transporting and cleaning of vending machines; Components and accessories; Cash acceptors; Software, processing; Vending safety system; Water and coolers
23.03-26.03 Belgorod
Exhibition Complex «Belexpocentre»
Everything for Young Family — 2016
10th Interregional Exhibition
Affordable housing programmes for young families, mortgage lending and bank credits for young families; Young family psychological support services; Organization of festive events, weddings, anniversaries, children’s programmes (restaurants, bars, cafes); Organization of children’s rest (campings, sanatoria, preventive treatment facilities, wedding and family tours); Jewelry, bijouterie; Glass, ceramics, porcelain, crystal, tableware; Home textile, interior decoration articles, flower compositions; Household appliances, furniture, lighting devices; Beauty salons, photo studios, design studios for decoration of family holidays
23.03-25.03 Novokuznetsk
Exhibition Complex «Kuzbass Fair»
Integration. Rehabilitation. Accessible Environment. Healthy Lifestyle — 2016 Specialized Exhibition-Fair Demonstration of medical advances, technological achievements of domestic and foreign manufacturers, assisting in the promotion of modern medical equipment, medicines, goods and services in the field of health;
Presentation of innovative approaches in rehabilitation of the disabled, information about modern technologies in the field of physical and social integration of people, perspectives of implementation of State program of the Russian Federation «Accessible environment», promoting a healthy lifestyle;
Establishing new and developing existing business contacts, exchange of experience
23.03-27.03 Kazan
Exhibition Centre «Kazanskaya Yarmarka»
Fashion and Style. Kazan-Spring — 2016
Specialized Exhibition of Light and Textile Industry Goods
Clothing & accessories: women’s, men’s and children’s clothing; leather and fur articles; hats; underwear; hosiery; textile and leather haberdashery; shoes; fabrics and furnishings;
Beauty: cosmetics and perfumes; jewellery and bijouterie;
Gifts: hours; gifts and souvenirs; soft toys
Comfortable House: home textiles; utensils; goods for home; houseplants
23.03-26.03 Belgorod
Exhibition Complex «Belexpocentre»
Fashion Week — 2016
Interregional Exhibition
Clothes for adults and children; Knitted outerwear; Lingerie, hosiery; Footwear; Leather and fir products; Headdresses; Evening and exclusive clothes;
Clothes accessories; Textile, leather, metallic small ware; Fabrics, sewing accessories; Makeup, perfumery; Jewelry, bijouterie
23.03-25.03 Novokuznetsk
Exhibition Complex «Kuzbass Fair»
Education. Career — 2016 Specialized Exhibition Fair Education;
All for graduation ball;
Mother and child
23.03-26.03 Krasnoyarsk
International Exhibition and Business Center «Siberia»
Food Industry. Retail-Krasnoyarsk. Modern Baking of Bred — 2016 Specialized Exhibition of Food, Equipment for Food and Processing Industry Equipment and technology for food and processing industry;
Equipment and technologies for public catering enterprise; Packing;  Labeling;
solutions for retail in non-food and food sector etc.
23.03-25.03 Omsk
Regional Exhibition Center Machine building
Promtechexpo — 2016
Siberian Industrial Innovative Forum
Metallurgical machine building; General machine building; Robotics and automation; Instrument making; Non-destructive testing and technical diagnosis in industry; Laboratory control in industry; Measuring instruments; Product quality control systems; Associated parts and components, machining attachments, software; Nanomaterials and nanotechnology
23.03-25.03 Moscow
Exhibition and Convention Centre «Sokolniki»
International Exhibition for Sports Industry
Sports facilities. Engineering; Sports equipment and accessories;  Sports medicine and nutrition; Exercise equipment. Fitness; Sport in the entertainment industry; Technical sports; Safety of sports facilities
23.03-25.03 Ufa
Exhibition complex «VDNKh-EXPO»
StroyTechExpo. Housing and Public Utilities. Road Building — 2016
Specialized Exhibition
The forum will include:
Housing and Public Utilities. Energy Saving;
Road Building
23.03-25.03 Novokuznetsk
Exhibition Complex «Kuzbass Fair»
Festival of Beauty — 2016
Specialized Exhibition
Cosmetics and perfumery; Professional hair cosmetics, hairdressing supplies and equipment; Professional equipment, materials and technologies for cosmetology; professional cosmetics; Materials, tools and technologies for manicure, design and nail design; pedicure; Services in the field of cosmetology, hairdressing art, nail service, aesthetic medicine; centres for training and education of staff; Equipment for fitness clubs and wellness centers; Therapeutic methods, homeopathic medicines, dietary supplements, weight correction; Containers and packaging; raw materials, equipment and technologies for production of perfumery and cosmetic products; Aesthetic medicine; Specialized publications; information technologies; SPA & Wellness; Tattoo and piercing
24.03-27.03 Moscow
IEC «Crocus Expo»
AQUA SALON: Wellness & SPA. Pools and Saunas  10th International Exhibition Swimming pools;
Bath houses, saunas/td>
24.03-26.03 Voronezh
Voronezh BUILD — 2016 Specialized Building Forum Exhibition «HOUSE EXPO»:
Construction and finishing materials; Building equipment; Window systems, doors; Climatic equipment; Furniture and interior goods, design; Newly built buildings of Voronezh and; Voronezh Region; Country real estate; Land plots; Commercial property; Design organizations
Mortgage lending centers; Legal counseling centers; Banking services; Building envelope; Video surveillance; Design
Logistics; Protective equipment
Exhibition «Aqua EXPO»:
Automated control systems; Fittings and valves; Water purification, water supply and water treatment; Gas burners and boilers; Pump equipment; Sanitary equipment; Heating systems; Pipes and fittings; Environmental technology; Bathhouses, saunas; Swimming pools; Whirlpool, massage baths; Dosing pumps; Materials for the construction and finishing of swimming pools; Mini pools; Mini saunas; Sauna and spa equipment; Machinery and equipment for swimming pools; Water purifiers; Phyto barrels; Chemicals for swimming pools;
Exhibition «Power Engineering of a Big City»:
Power engineering; Electrical equipment; Power engineering equipment; Energy-efficient and resource-saving technology and equipment; Power electronics; Low-voltage equipment; High-voltage equipment; Wiring and electrical installation products; Switchgear, electric control equipment; Cables, wires, fastenings;
Exhibition show and demonstration «Construction Machinery»:
Road-building facilities, machinery and mechanisms; Excavators, loaders, earthmovers and surface planning machines; Road repair and maintenance machinery; Construction and special transport; Lifting equipment, cranes, conveyors; Destruction and demolition equipment; Tires; Lubricants; Renting and leasing of construction machinery and equipment
24.03-28.03 Sarapul
Exhibition Centre «UDMURTIA»
All-Russian Fair in Sarapul — 2016
All-Russian Fair of Products of Enterprises in Russian Regions
Foods; Clothing, shoes; Goods for home; Goods for children; Cosmetics, perfumes; Souvenirs; Bijouterie; Wellness products; Local services
24.03-27.03 Moscow
IEC «Crocus Expo»
Wooden House — 2016
12th International Exhibition
Designing and construction of wooden houses; Foundations for wooden houses; Engineering systems and equipment of a wooden house; Building and decoration materials; Protective equipment, decoration and care products for timber and wooden houses; Hardscape elements; Wood in interiors
24.03-27.03 Moscow
IEC «Crocus Expo»
House and Garden. Moscow Garden Show
9th International Exhibition of Gardens and Landscape Design
Landscape design; Garden furniture; Aqua design; Flowers and decor; Gardening equipment; Barbecue and grills
24.03-27.03 Saint-Petersburg
Hunting and Fishing
28th Specialized Exhibition
Technical means (launches, boats, motors, ski-sledges); Hunting stock (guns and accessories for weapons cleaning, items for guns and ammunition storage); Fishing stock (rods, reels, spoon-baits, fishing line, nets); Sport equipment for submarine hunting; Accompanying equipment and products; Sporting goods and special clothes for hunters and fishers; Fishing decorative items; Fish products; Taxidermy droducts; Radio-navigation aids and equipment; Fishing and hunting tours
24.03-26.03 Sochi
Exhibition Centre of Zhemchuzhina Hotel
Foodstuff — 2016
18th Specialized Exhibition of Food Products
Healthy food; «Lose weight together» — centers, programs and products for weight correction and rehabilitation; amino acid, protein and creatine-contains products; Meat and meat products; Sausages; Bird, egg; Dairy products, cheese; Ice-cream; Groceries; Grain products; Pasta; Condiments, spices; Vegetable fats; Juices, water, non-alcoholic drinks; Frozen products; Semi-finished products; Confectionery products; Snacks; Nuts, dried fruits; Bakery products; Mini bakeries; Fish and seafood; Tea, coffee; Canned food; Sauces, ketchup; Baby food; Honey and beekeeping products; Equipment for food industry enterprises; Container, packing, warehousing and logistics
24.03-27.03 Moscow
IEC «Crocus Expo»
Fireplaces Salon — 2016
12th International Exhibition of Fireplaces
Wood burning fireplaces and stoves;  Gas and electric fires, bio fireplaces; Heating and boiling stoves; Barbecue, garden grills; Facing for fireplaces; Forged products and accessories; Heating equipment; Flues
24.03-27.03 Chelyabinsk Real Estate Fair. Fair of Credits. Deposits. Savings — 2016 Specialized Exhibition with International Participation Residential real estate (new buildings, inhabited complexes, the elite real estate, secondary housing market); Foreign real estate (residential properties in the resorts and cities, exclusive objects, commercial property, investment); Mortgage lending and subsidies; Insurance; Legal, design, interior, decoration, design, advertising and information services on the real estate market; Cottage settlements, land plots, country houses; Commercial property (office real estate, warehouse, the industrial real estate)
26.03-03.04 Volgograd Exhibition Complex EXPOCENTRE Town of Craftsmen Specialized Exhibition-Fair Products of folk arts and crafts; Women’s and men’s clothing; Headwear; Footwear; Leather goods, accessories; Linen products; Home textiles; Feather products; Glassware, household appliances; Health products; Honey and bee products; Natural food products
26.03-03.04 Volgograd Exhibition Complex EXPOCENTRE Orthodox Tsaritsyn — Glorify the God’s Name! Orthodox Exhibition Ministry, missionary and cultural activities of the Russian Orthodox Church; Reconstruction and restoration of the Orthodox temples and monasteries; Sacred places of Russia, countries near and far abroad, pilgrimage; Charity and social projects of temporal organizations, non-profit funds; Icon painting; Temple decoration, ornaments, church ware; Orthodox literature, audio and video products; Religious clothing, headgear Bell casting; Orthodox traditions in jewelry; Articles of folk artistic craft; Consecrated products of monasteries and farms, church wine, honey
29.03-01.04 Ufa Exhibition complex «VDNKh-EXPO» Heating. Water. Ventilation — 2016 Specialized Exhibition of Technologies and Equipment for Water Supply, Sewerage, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Gas Supply to Industrial and Household Objects Heating. The water supply. Air conditioning; Special project — «Clean Water»: Design and construction of water treatment plants; Household and industrial wastewater purification; Equipment for water quality monitoring, scheduling and automation of water treatment plants; Exploration and extraction of groundwater; Specialized project «Clean air»: Systems and components for cleaning, humidification and ionization air for home, office, industrial enterprises, medical institutions; All for building and repair; Specialized project «Real Estate»
29.03-31.03 Orenburg Sports and Concert Complex «Orenburzhie» StroyUral. Real Estate in the Orenburg Region Specialized Exhibition Architecture, town planning; Construction machinery and equipment; Construction, finishing, roofing materials and technologies of their manufacturing; Working clothes; Hardscape; Facade decoration; Road construction; Urban forestry; Interior elements; Utilities system; Modern coverings, warmth-keeping jackets, heat insulation materials; Information technologies in construction; New buildings, high-end apartments, secondary housing, land parcels; Commercial real estate (office, retail, undustrial real estate) — sale, rent; Low-height construction; Mortgage, crediting and insurance; Real estate services, legal, design, developer’s, interior, disigner’s, advertising and information services; Housing certificates; Government programs in the field of real estate; Investment projects; Real estate security
29.03-31.03 Tyumen Exhibition Hall Energy. Housing and Public Utilities. Gas. Water. Heat. Mechanical Engineering. Metalworking. Welding
Specialized Exhibition
Power engineering; Gas; Water. Heat. Housing and communal services; Mechanical Engineering. Metalworking. Welding
30.03-02.04 Krasnodar Exhibition complex «Expograd Yug» UMIDS — 2016 19th International Exhibition of Wood and Furniture Industry Equipment, Components, Technologies and Products Woodworking: equipment for furniture production, equipment for processing of waste of furniture production automation of furniture production tools; Components: furniture components and fittings; boards, panels, tabletops, front panels; veneer, plastic and other materials; paints, glues, varnishes upholsteries; transformation mechanisms; Furniture: furniture for home and country houses; office furniture; hotel furniture and interior; interior design; built-in furniture; kitchen supplies; wooden, glass, metal, plastic and stone products
30.03-01.04 Stavropol Agrouniversal — 2016 18th Specialized Agroindustrial Exhibition Tractors, automobiles, agricultural machines, special vehicles; Spare parts for tractors, automobiles, agricultural machines, tires, accumulators; Advanced technologies of production, processing, transportation and storage of agricultural products; Combustible, lubrication and other materials; Veterinary preparations and equipment; Premixes and fodder additives; Advanced technologies of storage and processing of animal products; Chemical plant and animal protecting agents; Planting and seed material; Newest technologies of foodstuff production; Equipment for prepackaging and packing of products; Modern building technologies and materials; Energy-saving technologies, advanced heating, gas supply systems; Technologies, equipment and devices for environment protection; Leasing, insurance, banking and auditing service; Communication and information technologies
30.03-31.03 Gorno-Altaisk National Drama Theatre of Gorno-Altaisk Town Altai: Building. Power Generating. Housing and Utilities. Gasification
13th Interregional Specialized Exhibition
Construction and finishing materials, woodworking, construction machinery, tools, special clothes, new building technologies; Power supply; Heat supply; Gas supply; Energy efficient technologies and materials; Equipment for housing and utilities; Gas, equipment and technologies for gas complex, construction and operation of pipelines, gas stations, boiler rooms
30.03-31.03 Gorno-Altaisk National Drama Theatre of Gorno-Altaisk Town Roads. Transport. Communication. Safety Specialized Exhibition Roads. Transport:  construction of roads, bridges, tunnels. Innovative technologies in transport and in industry; Road-building machinery. Special machinery; Industrial equipment; Materials for road construction; Outboard equipment; Municipal cleaning machines, etc.; Communication. Safety: Communication equipment and systems; IT technology and equipment, software; Systems and means of satellite, radio relay and optical communication; Mobile positioning technology. Mobile and wireless networks for public and corporate use; Systems and means of satellite navigation and navigation-time support; Security systems, access control, surveillance, navigation, warning, surveillance, alarm; Controls the state of the road surface, etc.
30.03-01.04 Ekaterinburg Culture and Health Sports Complex «Russia» Landscape Architecture and Design. Beautification and Greening of the City. Country House — 2016 15th Interregional Specialized Exhibition City land improving and greenery planting; Landscape design; Low-rise construction; Country house
31.03-03.04 Saint Petersburg Sports and Show Complex Healthy Lifestyle — 2016 International Exhibition-Forum Natural health; Sport for all; Natural food; Natural cosmetics; Household eco-goods
31.03-02.04 Simferopol The Palace of Culture of Trade Unions Crimea. Building Industry. Energy Saving. Spring – 2016 International Specialized Exhibition Modern construction materials and technologies; Paints, lacquers; Building machines and gears; Windows, doors; Sanitary engineering; Ecology, systems of water treatment; Systems of heating, ventilation and air conditioning; Energy saving and use of non-conventional ecologically clean sources of energy; Electrotechnical and lighting equipment; Automation systems, software for enterprises of construction, power-engineering and electrical industries
31.03-03.04 Nizhny Novgorod Exhibition Complex «Nizhegorodskaya Yarmarka» Silver Lily of the Valley 18th Specialized Exhibition of Beauty Industry Perfumery, decorative cosmetics, professional cosmetics, medicinal cosmetics, cosmetics for children; Professional cosmetics, preparations for hardware-controlled cosmetology, medicinal cosmetics; Hygiene items; Equipment for beauty shops, SPA-centers and aesthetic clinics; Tools, accessories and preparations for beauty-shop treatment; Equipment for hairdresser’s, professional tools, preparations for hair, wigs; Nail cosmetics, manicure and pedicure accessories; Permanent makeup, tattooing and piercing; Consumables, clothes for; cosmetologists and hairdressers, products of non-woven fabrics; Disinfection, disinsection means, household chemical goods; Biological and plant-based preparations; Services of beauty shops, SPA-centers and clinics of aesthetic medicine; Training centers and schools; Optics spectacled, accessories, costume jewellery, ornaments, fashion accessories
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