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Kamchatka is undoubtedly one of the last unexplored places on Earth, unique in its beauty, created by nature. This is the area with the belt of active volcanoes. With more than 1000 volcanoes, some of them being active and located in some places only 20-30 km from each other (among them — the highest volcano of Eurasia Klyuchevskaya Hill -4750 m), a lot of geysers and hot springs, healthy and stable wildlife with the highest concentration of bears in Russia and the abundance of salmon in its 14000 rivers and streams, Kamchatka attracts those who love wilderness and adventure, ecological, ethnographic and extreme tourism. In our tour we offer the opportunity to experience the magical power and charm of Kamchatka, providing interesting tourist routs, hiking to volcanos, helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers, sea trips, acquaintance with the way of life, traditions, customs and culture of a really native people of Kamchatka, observing bears while fishing in streams and, of course, swimming in relaxing hot springs. We have a lot of places to show to our guests.

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