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Lake Baikal is the largest, deepest and oldest freshwater lake in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our boat tours is a perfect opportunity to see the most of Baikal lake in a short period of time out of the beaten tourist tracks, explore the most famous and scenic places of the lake: the wild and untouched nature of the lake’s north, rocky shores and sandy bays which are impossible to reach by land, experience the severe beauty and the incredible transparency of Baikal waters, and, finally, have an unforgettable time of Baikal fishing.
Nowadays in Baikal region the vast land of thousands square kilometers is very rare visited by the majority of tourists and remains totaly uninhabited by people. The absence of the roads is the main reason why those unique shores are still wild and untouched. One can reach pristine sandy bays and rocky capes of lake Baikal only when travelling by water. The best fishing also takes place at the northern basin of Baikal — the part of the lake where there is no way to travel by land and if a fishing place should be come across, there will certainly be fishing with subsequent tasting of the catch. Baikal summer fishing season starts in May and lasts until the first snow in October and the huge area of some 30 000 square km with 330 tributaries joining the lake offer a variety of unique fishing opportunities.

The journey will give a chance to daily observe changing of beautiful coastal landscapes in comfort conditions aboard the ship and to sense the sternness and generosity of Baikal power while travelling in places almost unaffected by the civilization.

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