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Russia is unique country, like a mixed child half-European and half-Asian, it gives you the possibility to have an unforgettable trip. You can visit the most famous museums in the world, beautiful palaces and trar’s residences, wooden villages and cathedrals, see architectural monuments listed in UNESCO, cruise on the Moscow river or Volga river, try Russian cuisine, enjoy famous Russian circus and ballet.

Coming to Russia you can’t miss the capital – Moscow. You may go for a standard tour and visit the Red Square and the Lenin’s Mausoleum, the Kremlin and the Cathedrals or we can prepare for you something out of the rout and show you ancient and modern city, take you the Cosmonaut Town where you can have a look at the real Space station and training equipment and even try it yourself , of course after medical check up. If you are interested in art we will organize for you a visit to the workshops and private galleries of modern artists. Do you know that in winter you can skate at the Red Square? Just imagine what your friend will say when they see the photos of you! And of course you will enjoy the best restaurants in town, famous night clubs, national dance shows and ballet at the Bolshoi theatre.

May be you have heard a strange name “Golden Ring” and thought: What is it? There are old Russian towns around Moscow. Why Gold? Because of the churches, they all had golden domes. But we will show you not only the churches, only a few, but take you to the wooden villages and to the workshops where you can make yourself handmade Russian souvenirs. You can have a local experience – traditional Russian banya, we are sure you will like it. In winter you can have a ride at the horse sledge just like in the Christmas song “Jingle Bells”.

We invite you to visit the most European of Russian cities – St. Petersburg. It will taka a full day to describe you the beauty of the Palaces with unique Amber room, The Trar’s summer residences, the most famous Fine Art museum — Hermitage. We suggest you to take a boat trip on Neva river and canals and enjoy the view of the city accompanied with a glass of Champaign.

Do you want to buy amber? It’s the most unique natural stone which can’t be cultivated. If you want to catch it by yourself than you should go to Kaliningrad on the Baltic sea. You will like the architecture of the medieval city, stay in a Castle and participate in the Knight Tournament. And of course you will have great experience catching the amber at the coast.
Also at the Baltic sea are located three Baltic states: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. It’s interesting to find yourself in the medieval streets, stones paved squares, unique pine tree parks and natural reserves. All three states are sea ports but have different character and personality.

In the center of Sibiria you will find a unique lake – Lake Baikal, which has the largest reserve of fresh water on Earth. The length of the lake is 620 km, and you could be surprised to see untouched nature and wildlife, living on the islands of the lake. And if you are very lucky you can see the most unusual animal — the seal — the world’s only seal that lives in fresh water.

If you want to find the part of the world where there is almost no human presence you should fly to Kamchatka Peninsula. The main feature of this peninsula, it is more than 300 volcanoes and 36 of them are active. Active work somewhere deep under the earth formed this region. The fact that the volcanoes of Kamchatka are included in the UNESCO world heritage speaks for itself. In addition to the volcanoes on Kamchatka there are large number of geysers, which are must-see.

About 800 km east of Moscow there is a city with different culture – Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan and a major port on the left bank of the Volga River. The city is older than 1000 years, and mixture of Russian and Muslin cultures makes it interesting to visit.

Traveling along the old Silk Road can be a quite interesting and rewarding experience. You can start anywhere in China and travel through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

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