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Saint Petersburg is the most European of all Russian cities. Founded in 1703 by Peter the Great as a “Window to Europe” the city was built according to the plan. The most famous architects were invited from Europe to build the palaces for Russian Nobility. At that time it was the capital of the country. Now it’s the cultural center and the second biggest city in Russia.
The city locates on the embankment of Neva river and crossed with a lot of canals, that’s why it is also called “ the Russian Venice”. The beautiful Palaces give it unique charm and tell us the history of the country.

The historical heart of the city are the Hermitage and the Dvortsovaya square.
St. Petersburg famous not only as a home place for Russian Trars but also for the Russian writers, poets and artists.

This romantic city is the most beautiful during the White Nights – the period from beginning of June to the Middle of July when the sun doesn’t completely set. Walking at night at the embankment of Neva river you can see the famous swing bridges. You can enjoy Music and Ballet festivals, concerts and National shows, musical clubs and alternative cafes.



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