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Do you know the city designed by Russian Tsar? It’s Saint Petersburg! Saint Petersburg is the most European of all Russian cities. The city founded by Peter The Great, where beautiful palaces compete with each other like Russian nobles. Build at the embankment of Neva river the city became Russian capital and important port — “Window to Europe” and showed Russian wealth and hospitality to the foreign visitors.

You will stay in the best hotels and will be treated like king and queen. Visiting former Tsars residence you will enjoy the biggest collection of art – Hermitage museum. We will show you Private Hermitage theater where Tsars family played on stage. In the evening you can enjoy ballet performance and finish the day with a nice diner in one of the best Russian restaurants in town.

You will have a great pleasure travelling by private boat to the Gulf of Finland to Tsars summer residence – Peterhof. The beautiful park and unique fountains compete with French Versailles.

For lunch we invite you to the Summer Palace – restaurant which keeps the atmosphere of Tsars time.

We will be glad to show you two other luxury palaces belonged to the Catherine the Great and the Tsar Pavel. You will see the unique Amber chamber in Catherine Palace.

In an other palace we invite you for XVIII century Costume Ball with reception in authentic atmosphere.

St. Petersburg famous not only as a home place for Russian Trars but also for the Russian writers, poets and artists. Our president Vladimir Putin was also born in St. Petersburg and we will take you to his favorite restaurant for diner.

This romantic city is the most beautiful during the White Nights – the period from beginning of June to the Middle of July when the sun doesn’t completely set. Going at night by private yacht you can see the famous swing bridges, enjoy unbelievable view of the city by night with a glass of champagne.

Allow yourself to feel like a king and a queen in Saint Petersburg and to have unforgettable experience.

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